The Down-Low on Iloilo

By , on July 16, 2013

One of the best places in the Philippines to visit is the province of Iloilo. Known as the “City of Love,” Iloilo is definitely set to steal your heart and make you fall in love with its heritage, people, and cuisine.

Do not miss the chance to visit one of the four UNESCO World Heritage Churches in the Philippines: the Miag-ao Church, which is about an hour’s travel from the city. The trip may be long but it is definitely worth it! The sheer size of this glorious church is set to make your jaw drop. It is massive and majestic, quite impossible not to admire even from afar. The church is surrounded with a well-kept garden, which provides a great frame for picture-taking. If your timing is right, you might catch the church’s caretaker and layminister, Kuya Noel, who will happily give you a tour of the church to further appreciate its history.

The majestic Miag-ao Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The majestic Miag-ao Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Be sure to take lots of pictures as there are no souvenir shops around the area. Right across the church is the plaza, where you can hang out and watch the laidback Ilonggo life go by as you rest from the trip. To reach Miag-ao Church, take a jeepney from “Super” at the back of the public market, near Robinson’s Place Iloilo. The ride will cost you PhP 50.00 per person, one way.

When you feel your tummy rumbling, head on to the town of Jaro to feast on giant burgers courtesy of Perri Todd’s. This Iloilo-original establishment serves out-of-this-world burgers just walking distance from two other landmarks in town: the Jaro Cathedral and Belfry. Do not let the pictures on the menu fool you because their burgers are big enough to have its own gravitational pull. You can share it with three other people, or one really hungry traveler.

Perri Todd's gigantic grilled burger in Jaro.
Perri Todd’s gigantic grilled burger in Jaro.

They have premium (all-beef) and grilled burgers and over a dozen other side dishes to complete your Perri Todd’s experience. And because of the size of their servings, this joint is most definitely easy on the wallet.

It is indeed more fun in the Philippines even during the rainy season. While most of the country is complaining because of the weather, it is best to make the most out of it by taking advantage of the country’s assets: our rich heritage and culinary ingenuity.