Dumaguete City: Negros’ Food Haven

By , on July 16, 2013

When you ask travelers about what to do in Dumaguete City, you will most likely hear just one activity: EAT! And they are right for a deliciously good reason. From Vegan to European to down-right Pinoy cuisine, you have hundreds of dining choices when in Dumaguete. Here are three foodie stops you should definitely check out on your visit to the University Town.

Feeling young and fun? Head on to Panda Ice Cream Haus at Ma. Cristina Street to sample a Dumaguete original: Fried Ice Cream. It’s crunchy and chewy bread-like exterior when bitten will give way to their sweet and creamy home-churned ice cream (you can choose from vanilla, mocha, and ube). It’s like a party of textures and sensations inside your pie hole. Or in this case, your ice cream hole.

Panda Ice Cream Haus' original Fried Ice Cream.
Panda Ice Cream Haus’ original Fried Ice Cream.

Craving for Italian home cooking? Right on the corner of V. Locsin and Sta. Catalina Street is the only Italian restaurant in the city rightfully called Pasta King. From olio to rosso to biancha, this place is home to delicious pasta, whether you prefer it creamy or tangy or both. And don’t get me started on their pizza! Their food is simply something that you’d have to taste for yourself in order to understand. They have a wide variety of choices for appetizers, pastas, pizza, and beverages. They also offer Filipino dishes like adobo and sinigang.

Pasta King's Montanara Pizza (gorgonzola cheese and spicy salami).
Pasta King’s Montanara Pizza (gorgonzola cheese and spicy salami).
Pasta King's indulgent and creamy Tagliatelle con Pollo (chicken in cream sauce).
Pasta King’s indulgent and creamy Tagliatelle con Pollo (chicken in cream sauce).

Fine dining in the city just across the famous Rizal Boulevard? No problem. Just walk on to Casablanca Delicatessen and Fine Dining. Named after the famous Humphrey Bogart classic, this restaurant will surely steal your heart and fill your bellies with great food. The establishment boasts both its fine food choices and delicatessen, where you can buy imported cold cuts and cheeses.

Casablanca's Penne Bolognese
Casablanca’s Penne Bolognese
Casablanca's Pork Medallions in brown sauce
Casablanca’s Pork Medallions in brown sauce

Their servings are enormous, which might make date night a bit tricky, but believe me – the giant serving is the least of your worries when the food tastes this good! Their food is delicious and priced just right. I strongly urge you to try their oven potatoes with truffle cream, which will make your dining experience even more memorable.

Casablanca's sinfully good Oven Potatoes with Black Truffle Cream Sauce with side salad.
Casablanca’s sinfully good Oven Potatoes with Black Truffle Cream Sauce with side salad.

Now, before you start worrying about packing a few pounds during your visit, know that the city is just big enough that you can walk around without getting dangerously lost. And should you find yourself about-to-cry-for-mommy kind of lost, be reminded that this city is known as the City of Gentle People.