Fisher Mall: A shopping mall made more fashionable and “fishy”

By , on July 12, 2013


MANILA, Philippines—Why would a family in the fishing industry build a shopping mall?

Ray Del Rosario, President of the Mallers Management Corporation says that the move toward retail is a “journey both fascinating and mysterious to us all,” coming from a family of successful fishermen.

The Fisher Mall, named as such to pay homage to their forefathers, promises to deviate from the conventional “box-type establishments” most malls are known for. Inspired by some of the world’s beautiful malls, the Del Rosarios assure that Filipino consumers would have a truly unique “malling” experience.

But how?

Find all. Be all. The tagline says it all.

The Del Rosarios want to cater to every need and want with a twist: a huge gaming arcade; augmented reality and a high-tech mobile app; runway shows for fashionistas; a cinema with the 20th century feel; and the freshest fish from the supermarket.

“We are investing heavily in Filipino fashion. Fisher Mall will be a venue for fashionistas to mingle. There will be a fashion ramp where runway shows will be held on a regular basis,” says Moleen Del Rosario, President of Clothers Asia and wife of Obby Del Rosario.

Responding to the experimental and trendy tastes of Filipino fashionistas, the family will let Pinoys experience a taste of popular brands from the UK, Australia, US, Korea, and Europe.

Proving its status as the newest lifestyle and entertainment mall in the country, Fisher Mall will also have one of the biggest gaming arcades in the country, with 2,400-square meters dedicated to games.

Then there’s the cinema.

As huge movie buffs, Ray and his brothers conceptualized the “throwback feel like the ‘20s era’” cinema to make watching movies a big event to look forward to.

“We’re bringing back the days when going to the cinema was a big deal, an event in itself. Of course, it helps that we all love to watch movies. In fact, we bond together by watching our favorite movies,” Ray says.

The highlight

Fish straight from the port—you just can’t get any fresher than that.

Being in the fishing industry, the Del Rosarios promise its consumers that in as fast as 20 minutes, newly caught fish will be delivered to their supermarket every day.

“The fish will be the highlight of the supermarket. I promise you will be able to taste the difference when you buy direct from the source,” says Obby Del Rosario, President of the Fisherfoods Corporation.

Apart from the freshest fish they can offer, Obby says that Fisher Mall will open as early as 7 in the morning. “We recognize the fact that our moms shop early for what they need for the whole day. That’s why we’re going to wake up early and be there for them.”

Strategic location

Its location is also as good as what it can offer.

It sits right at the heart of a busy thoroughfare along Quezon Avenue, corner Roosevelt Avenue (formerly Pantranco terminal).

Already accessible through public and private transportation, the mall’s management plans to provide terminals to serve commuters going to and from Farview, Quiapo and Muñoz and neighboring communities like Heroes Hills, West Triangle, Sta. Mesa Heights and the Scout areas, Timog and Roxas District, among others.

Upon completion

When it opens on November 7 this year, the mall will have the following features: five shopping levels of the top brands in fashion and entertainment, a customer-centric fashion department store, a “value-packed” supermarket , dining areas, five state-of-the-art digital movie houses and a 2,4000-square meter arcade, one of the biggest in the country.

The 114,000-square-meter establishment was designed by the esteemed architectural firm Palafox and Associates.

“It’s a mall that has a more relaxed, more homey environment. We want everybody to feel welcome and have a good time,” Ray concludes.