Essential Foods for New Moms

By , on July 4, 2013


WebMD recommends yogurt and other dairy products to new moms. Photo: Dirk Schneider.
WebMD recommends yogurt and other dairy products to new moms. Photo: Dirk Schneider.

Actress Kim Kardashian recently revealed that she has been having a tough time losing pregnancy pounds—undoubtedly, it is her main priority at the moment, just like other new moms out there.

According to, while the main concern of moms who have just given birth, is to bring back their bikini-ready body right away, they may be ignoring the thing that matters most—which is, regaining the energy that was lost during their delivery.

In order to take good care of their newborn well, moms need the right amount of energy to keep them going; and so, WebMD suggested the following helpful tips:

1. It may be the most obvious way to keep moms active all day, but it is also the most ignored. Eating nutrient-rich foods is indeed an energy-booster to moms out there. No worries if you are nursing, because the quality of your breast milk stays the same regardless of what you eat. The explanation for this is: When your body doesn’t absorb enough nutrients, your body adjusts and provides the nutrients needed. But, of course, it pays to be smarter for the sake of your newborn.

2. Find the “almost” perfect food for you and your baby—salmon. It is referred to as the “nutritional powerhouse” for new moms. It contains DHA, which is crucial to baby’s brain development. According to WebMD, all breast milk contains DHA, but explains that levels of this vital nutrient are higher in the milk of women who absorb more DHA.

Postpartum depression can also be prevented upon absorbing enough DHA, because this nutrient helps improve the mood of a person.

3. Eat more low-fat dairy products. Yogurt, milk, cheese and other dairy products are instrumental en route to a healthy breastfeeding; as these products provide protein, calcium, vitamin D, and B vitamins.

4. More lean beef for new moms. Medical experts from WebMD recommends iron-rich foods for new moms in order to boost their energy, and keep up with the responsibilities of being a new mom.

5. Legumes for vegetarian mommies. After the meat and dairy products, moms also need legumes, specifically black beans and kidney beans, which are ideal for breastfeeding.

6. Oranges and blueberries to keep mom’s energy at peak. A new mom needs a serving of any fruit or juice every day, but the most recommended are oranges and blueberries.

Blueberries are rich in anti-oxidants while oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C.

7. Brown rice and whole grain for a healthier new mom. It is advised by medical experts not to cut back on carbs as it can make new moms sluggish. Insufficient intake of carbohydrates can also lead to less production of breast milk.

8. Intake of egg yolk for Vitamin D; whole-wheat bread to get more folic acid; and whole-grain cereal, and leafy greens to absorb added nutrients.

9. Water for non-dehydration. New moms are always on the move, so they need all the energy to keep them going. Drinking water is the number one option, as drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea can lead to baby’s less hours of sleep.