Alternative Activities for Retired Fathers

By , on June 15, 2013


Has your father retired from work already? Do you want to give him ideas on how he can make his life after retirement more enjoyable?

As a daughter with a retired father, here are some activities that I can share with you.

  • Encourage him to exercise at least once a week. This will help him achieve a certain level of fitness that he needs for his specific medical requirement.

My ‘papa’ was at first lazy to go with us on a breeze walk every Sunday morning. We were able to convince him after many attempts. Now, he is already joining us in our morning walk. It also serves as our family bonding.

If your dad, papa, tatay is more of an athletic guy, you can let him play at least one sport a week. Golf, basketball and billiards are some of the sports that he can engage with.

  • Build a small library for your father. Reading is one hobby that you can introduce to your father. My ‘papa’ loves reading, from magazines, newspapers to novels, so we decided to give him books and magazines (his favorite is the National Geographic Magazine) as often as we can. Now, we have already built a small library for him. Every morning, he is in the library, reading while having coffee.
  • Teach him how to use Social Media. My ‘papa’ made her own Facebook and Twitter account.

He is always using the internet, blogging and checking e-mails, so we don’t need to teach him anymore. We can really see how Social Media entertains him. He connects with old and new friends, gets updated with the current news and fad, and he is able to express his opinions on blogs.

If your father doesn’t have Facebook or Twitter yet, teach him how to make one, it will surely be an interesting activity for him.

  • Persuade him to join at least one civic or church organization. Staying at home everyday may be quite boring for your retired father, so why not let him join organizations, tailor-fitted to his interests. We are still in the process of convincing him to choose and join an organization in our community. Hopefully, ‘papa’ would say ‘yes’ soon.
  • Go Farming. If your father is in the province, you can help him have his own piece of land where he can go farming. If it’s really his interest, then support him. At his age, fresh air is what he needs to maintain his good health.
  • Allow him to meet his friends often. Keeping in touch with his friends is one more enjoyable activity that fathers can do after retirement. Just like the old times, allow him to socialize with other people.
  • Set up a date for your father and mother as often as you can. Give your father the opportunity to be young at heart again by going on a date with your mother. You can volunteer on cooking the food, preparing the venue and installing lights and music.

There are just countless ways to make your father feel your love for him even after retirement. You just need to know what his interests are so you can help him enjoy his life to the fullest. After all, it was he who worked hard for the past several years. Don’t you think it’s about time to return the favor?

Happy Father’s Day Papa and to all brilliant fathers out there!