Major Gary Law: Independent Candidate for MLA Richmond Centre

By , on April 30, 2013

Gary Law

“WHATEVER I say, whatever I do, I represent myself, not any party. When you are part of a party, it is hard to voice out your opinion. I want to show my leadership, and not to copy other people’s ideas,” says Major Gary Law, independent candidate for MLA Richmond Centre.

In order to pursue his political aspirations, Law took a leave of absence from the Burnaby RCMP, November of last year, where he worked as a corporal. He was responsible for the detachment’s auxiliary police officers program.

Major Law hails from Hong Kong. He came to Canada in 1982 as an international student in Parkdale Collegiate Institute in Toronto, where he completed Grade 13. He enrolled at Dalhousie University in the Faculty of Business Administration where he received his Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 1987.

Military career

In 1989, Major Law started his military career as a Second Lieutenant. He joined the 11th (Victoria) Service Battalion. He transferred to the 12th Service Battalion as a Lieutenant in 1991, and was placed in the Supplementary Reserve List in 1993.

At that time, he also received an opportunity to work in Hong Kong as a high school teacher for Economics.

While teaching, he also joined the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force. Due to his outstanding performance in his recruiting course, he received a best overall standing in all the subjects, including the Silver Whistle and the Commandant’s Certificate for the Highest Academic Result. He was assigned to the Emergency Unit of the Force, and was tasked to handle high profile cases and situations.

Back to Canada

Law went back to Canada in 1995, and joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as a regular member. After graduation, he was assigned to work in the Richmond Detachment.

He was then named as the Commanding Officer of the British Columbia Regiment (Irish Fusiliers) Army Cadet Corps. At present, he serves as an Area Cadet Instructor Cadre Officer in the Pacific Region.

Why should people vote for Gary Law?

To Law, he has the heart to serve the community. With his experience, he believes that he has the skills to win in the forthcoming elections. “The way I see myself is, whatever other participants have, I also have. I work a lot. I believe that if you want to serve the community, you need to know the needs of the community you want to serve,” says Law.

As for why people should vote for him, Law states:

“Because I am a fair person, not just today or tomorrow. When I was a child, I want to be fair, because I want people to respect me, and I know that people will only respect me if I also respect them.”

“I thank every person in this community. For me, everyone is important and that’s why I focus on people. You, [the people], are my boss.”