Improving your Personality from Step 1 to Step 8

By , on April 10, 2013

I first heard the words “personality development” in my first year in college; it was one of the general subjects I saw on my registration form.

I was puzzled, at first. Should it be taught in school? Can we really improve our personality? I believed, back then, that if you were born shy or the other way around, you’ll turn out to be that way, as a person.

But I was wrong.

Our professor asked us, “What is your personality?” No one dared answer as we didn’t know what, exactly, “personality” pertained to.

Our professor defined it for us: “personality” is the typical pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaviors that make a person unique.

“So, what makes all of you unique?”, she asked us again. My classmates called themselves adventurous, playful, weird, introverted—the list went on.

Our professor said, “Do you want to improve your personality?”

Here are some of the steps she shared with us.

1. Start by being a good listener.

She cited Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who was deemed one of the most charming women in the world because she was an exceptional listener. By being a good listener, you invite people to be friends with you. There’s nothing more charming than a person who looks into your eyes, someone who makes you feel that you’re worth listening to.

2. Proceed by being a good reader so you can also be a better conversationalist.

Here enters the value of reading. The more information, facts or stories you can share with others, the more interesting you become to them. When there is a good reader in you, a good conversationalist is just a step away.

3. Express your opinion.

If you don’t have an opinion on the topic at hand, the conversation could end up boring. As mentioned, you need to read—stoke your mind and, at the end, interpret and express the material from your own point of view. Aside from reading, you can also expand your interests by exploring other fields unfamiliar to you.

4. Meet new people.

There’s no better way than to go out of your way and meet new people. You’ll learn a lot of new things. It aims to expose you to various cultures, alternative ways of life; and it broadens your horizons.

5. Be positive.

Who would want to be with a person who always sees things negatively? I bet, none. As our life is full of uncertainties, we often want to be with cheerful people who think positively. Be the life of the party. Be lively and refrain from seeing things and people in a negative light.

6. Be humorous.

It may be the best solution to any problem—humor. Joke around and liven up the workplace, or any community or group of people you’re involved with.

7. Be supportive of others

Instead of discouraging people around you, give them a helping hand and some inspirational words to keep them going. People who are supportive are well-loved.

8. Have integrity

It is deemed an attractive quality to be honest and true to your word. It just goes to show that you have self-respect; and thus, you have the ability to respect others.

Just like looks, personality can also be improved. With the right values and beliefs, you’ll be well on your way to flaunting an irresistible personality!