Protecting Kids this Summer

By , on April 1, 2013

It is summer once again—no more classes for kids, so they’re out to enjoy to the fullest.

But before they explore and play, it is important to teach them basic summer safety tips that will make their summer hassle-free and more fun.

Kids should always be reminded of safety swimming tips. Photo by ecz / Flicker.
Kids should always be reminded of safety swimming tips. Photo by ecz / Flicker.
Swimming do’s and don’ts

Most parents enroll their kids to swimming lessons during summer. It is indeed a time to get wet and flex those swimming muscles. But it must also be clear to them that there are rules that they should follow. Here are some.

  1. At poolside, strictly no diving in the shallow end, running, pushing or holding another person under the water.
  2. When it rains and storms, no one should be in the water due to the possibility of lightning strike.
  3. Do not leave kids unsupervised by a swimming instructor or any adult.
  4. Wear at least an SPF 30 sunscreen even if it is not a sunny day, cloudy skies can be just as damaging to the skin as sunny skies.
  5. Wear a hat and sunglasses as it is a great way to protect the ears, head, neck and eyes from sun exposure.
Staying Hydrated

Summer means scorching heat from the sun, so it is just essential to advise kids to bring purified bottled water wherever they go to replace the water that was lost through sweat. It can help to prevent dehydration and sluggishness.

Being protected from Bug Bites

Kids often play outdoor games during summer; thus, they are more susceptible to bug bites.

For older kids, let them wear insect repellent; make sure also to wash the repellent off at the end of the day; younger children can be protected from bug bites by wearing long sleeved, light weight and light colored fabric.

In case of bug allergies such as bee stings, do not forget to bring appropriate medications and inform people around them about your kid’s condition.

Being protected from Summer Allergies

Before summer activities start, parents should accompany their children to a doctor to consult about various allergies that children can have this hot season.

Playground Safety

Children love playing in the playground with their energetic playmates. Though they may be bumped and get wounded, parents cannot tell them not to play. It is a child’s nature to start with.

Parents and adults can just remind them simple rules to avoid being hurt while playing. Simple safety rules such as no pushing, no kicking, no running too fast and waiting for your turn, can prevent a kid from being injured. .

Kids should always wear helmet when riding in a bicycle. Photo by pkh2007/ Flicker.
Kids should always wear helmet when riding in a bicycle. Photo by pkh2007/ Flicker.
Bicycle Safety

Children often ride in a bicycle and roam around the neighborhood and nearby parks. It is important to keep them protected. Wearing a helmet is a must to make sure that the head is secured.

Hot Cars

Do not leave a child of any age in a closed up car in the summer for even a few minutes. Car can heat up quickly, even on a cool day; thus, kids especially infants can overheat and get heat stroke immediately.

Fireworks Safety

Do not let children play with fireworks. Only professionals should operate this material.

Poisonous Ivy and Other Poisonous Plants

It is crucial to educate kids on the poisonous plants that may surround their play area. This is the first move to poison prevention.

Make sure to bring prescription medication in the event that poisonous contact does occur. It will help a lot if it’s applied immediately.